Teaching as inquiry:understandings and challenges towards a professional way of being.

In 2011 I had 24 weeks study leave to complete my Masters of Educational Leadership and Management (MEdLM) through Unitec. My research focussed on teaching as inquiry.
You might be interested to read Chapter 2 (the literature review) which looks at teaching as inquiry as: 1) an effective pedgagogy; 2) a vehicle for teacher professional learning and development; 3) a mechanism for sustained school improvement through leaders creating organisational learning; and lastly the leadership for learning context. The thesis contains case studies from three schools and concludes with a diagram to summarise some of my findings:

Figure 7.1 Understanding the concept of teaching as inquiry
Source: Driver, 2011, p. 126

I have also participated in a 5 minute presentation of my thesis following an ignite format (20 slides on auto advance every 15 seconds) at an Emerging Leaders termly meeting. If you are based in Auckland I would really recommend attending these events. Information about the Emerging Leaders events can be found on their website:
or on their facebook page:

I have also participated in the inaugural TeachMeetNZ event where I shared a shorter version (3minutes only). Here is my Slideshare presentation. And here is the link to the live web recording of the event.

The video below is a slight adaptation of my Edu-Ignite presentation:

Other sources I have found useful on teaching as inquiry are:
  1. This presentation by Dr. Graeme Aitken for the FTP module on teaching effectiveness is a great background into why inquiry processes are more effective than a style or outcomes approach. I shared this with my SLT and would like to unpack the module with the staff to give them the background theory too: http://connect.vln.school.nz/ftpmodule2/
  2. The background paper to go with Dr. Graeme Aitken's presentation is excellent too - you can open it here
  3. The work of Claire Amos (DP now at Hobsonville Senior College) and her EduIgnite presentation here: