This page will be for learning our kapa haka songs and actions.

Term 4, 2013:

We are meeting each Friday morning in the hall from 8.45-9.30am.
All are welcome at this stage (however I will be reducing the group for the Y6 graduation performance, as we won't all fit on the stage)
The songs to learn for this event are:
  1. Haere Mai
  2. Utaina Mai + boys haka
  3. Wairua Tapu

I really need some help with guitar playing (as I don't feel confident playing infront of a large audience - I'm ok just for practising with the kids) - and a man to come teach the boys the haka please - if you can help please contact me at school 576-9209 or

Nga mihi nui
Justine Driver

Song 1: Haere mai

This is our practise from 22/11/2013 - to see how we are progressing - look and see what you are doing well, how can you be better?
Remember right arm always first
Be careful on pronunciation of your words

Haere mai,

haere mai

E ngā iwi e

haere mai

Ki runga o te marae

Hui mai tātou katoa

E hine mā, e tama mā

Hapainga to mana Māori e

Kia rewa runga rawa

I a ha hā

E ngā iwi e

Haere mai, haere mai.

Welcome, welcome all the tribes welcome onto the courtyard all of us gathered here. Young women, young men uplift your Maori prestige to float on high I a ha ha All the tribes Welcome welcome.

Song 2: Utaina Mai

This will lead us into our boys haka - so please practise the first part - video on left is the action - right is the part with the Haka chant included

Our Kamate Haka moves by our boy leaders: Dom, Tyler and Tyson

Song 3: Wairua Tapu

Wairua tapu tau mai ra
Wairua tapu mai runga
Uhia mai nga taonga pai
Homai tou aroha
Wahia kia tika
Akona mai ra
kia u ki te pai
koroia, kia ma tonu ra
Mohou te tino kororia
Wairua tapu tau mai ra
Wairua tapu tau mai ra
Wairu tapu tau mai ra


We will be learning four songs for our cultural extravaganza evening and singing them in the following order (click the link to go to video).
The year 6 students will be doing the Haka Powhiri for Mr Kelly's welcome - Please practise your words and actions.
Haka Powhiri Words:

Hei runga hei raro-hi, ha, hi, ha

Hei runga hei rao – hi, ha, hi, ha

Toia mai – te waka

Ki te urunga - Te waka

ki te moenga – te waka

Ki te takoto ai ta koto ai – te waka

  1. Tutira mai - this lady is very good - but our song starts in at 50 seconds
  2. Purea nei -
  3. Utaina mai -
    If we get really good we might try and learn this version of Utaina mai with the boys haka part...
  4. Utaina and Toia mai -

New Song: Korero words and song file:

Korero, korero
i te reo, i te reo
Manaa kinuitia
Manaa kinuitia

Te awa Waikato
Te mana Motuhake
E piko e taniwha
E piko e taniwha

Repeat from start

E piko e taniwha
E piko e taniwha


Please watch the video closely and try to replicate the actions. We will have practices on Monday and Thursday at morning tea in Room 9.