The Number Framework-Knowledge

Building Early Number Knowledge
0: Emergent
Matching objects
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How many Fish
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Count the chickens
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Making trains
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Find the number
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1: One-to-one Counting

Number Sequence and Order
Grouping/ Place Value
Basic Facts
2: Counting from one on materials
Snakes and Ladders
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Counting, Number after
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Test the Toad
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5+ facts (Powerpoint)
Doubles (Powerpoint)
10+ facts (Powerpoint)
Little animals addition and subtraction
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Whale of a Tale Addition
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3: Counting from one by Imaging
Sequencing 3 x 3
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Sequencing 4 x 4
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Compliments to10 (Powerpoint)
Save the whale make 10
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Ghostblasters even numbers
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Test the Toad
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4: Advanced Counting
Mend the 100 Board
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Count along to 100
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Super Sequencer
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Splitting the Number (The Amoeba game)
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2x Table (Powerpoint)
5x Table (Powerpoint)
Add Facts 1-15external image index.php?control=database_file&record_id=redbeach:236496

Monkey Addition
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Ed, Edd and Eddy Addition
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Catching fish addition
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5: Early Additive Part-Whole
Finding Fractions
Ordering to 1000Level C Ordering to 999
Greater than or less than
Guess the Number
Greater or less?
Pizza Fractions
Ordering numbers (choose Level A)
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Place Value to 1000
Bead Numbers Place Value
Save the apples
Place Value Pirates
9x Table (PP)
16 chall. x tables
The Ants go Marching - Multiplication practice
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Addition fact grid
Fridge Magnet maths
Times Tables grid
Blast Off!
Sum Sense Addition
Sum Sense Subtraction
Batman Addition
Scooby Doo Addition
Tom and Jerry Addition
Ninja Turtles Addition
Addition Matho
Addition Picture
Subtraction Picture
Addition Concentration
Add it up game
Landing Craft Addition game
Catching Fish addition
6: Advanced Additive
Sequence -1000 to 1000
Ordering Decimals
Fraction ordering
Level E, Number Fractions

Reading Large Numbers
Level G, Number (Black Bird)

Greater than or less than
Builder Ted
Dolphin Racing (ordering fractions)
Ordering Numbers (Choose Level B or C)
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Place value to million
Decimal Place Value
Introducing Percentages
Match Percentages and fractions
Think of a Number

Adding tenths
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X Grid
Multiples - Patterns
Fractions make 1
Maths Baseball
Maths Machine
Sum Sense Multiplication
Sum Sense Division
Add your way to a MIllion
Maths Journey
Multiplication Matho
Division Matho
Multiplication Picture
Multiplication Concentration
Planet Blaster Basics
Planet Blast
Maths Cats
7: Advanced Multiplicative
Ordering Decimals
Power Lines
Powerlines 2
Powerlines 3
Fractions Match
Mission Magnetite
Equivalent fractions
Rounding Off
Death to Decimals!
Square Numbers
Converting frac, dec, %
Fractions of numbers
Saloon Snap
The Grid Game (Level 3)
8: Advanced Proportional
Match to Equivalent Decimals

Matching fractions, decimals and percentages