Techie-Breakie Session 2: Social Bookmarking with Delicious

Watch this quick video to find out what social bookmarking is all about and why it makes sense to start your own bookmarking profile...once you see how easy it is you will hardly use your IE favourites again!

So now it is time to set up your own delicious account. Jacqui Sharp has a great presentation on her wikispace of how to set up an account step-by-step, remember it is important to add the Tag Buttons to your internet browser, this is what makes using delicious quick and easy to use. I love the fact that I can quickly access all my "favourite internet sites" from anywhere in the world. It is especially great on our teacher laptops and home computers as you don't have to keep logging in, the computer remembers who you are.

To add me to your delicious network I am digitalearningnz once you have set up your account click here to find my page and add me.